Our pillars

Datapoints helps organisations to build & transform data and AI capabilities by bringing a practical approach to digital strategy. Our four pillars represent the four key competencies of our business.

Our range of data capability pillars covers all the aspects required by a modern digital organization. We offer comprehensive end-to-end support across all capability pillars, or we can tailor our services to complement our client’s existing capabilities.

Data Engineering

We help clients overcome the challenges in storing, organizing, processing, interpreting, transferring, and preserving data through the use of a strong data engineering team with critical skills. Our responsibilities include setting up infrastructure, monitoring and maintaining platforms, installing and upgrading systems, patching, scanning metadata, and troubleshooting failures and errors.

Data Governance

We help clients manage their data quality and metadata platforms to allow them to focus on delivering promised outcomes to the business. Our responsibilities include acquisition, cleansing, conversion, de-duplication, and maintaining conformity. We use a collaborative approach to help clients build trust in their data and speed up access to insights for decision makers.

Reporting & Insights

We provide support for reporting and analytics using data visualization to help our clients communicate key metrics to executives and stakeholders so they can make informed decisions based on actionable insights. We support a range of tools, both bespoke and commercial off-the-shelf, and can assist with design, development, and monthly/quarterly reporting, as well as providing end user support.

AI & Machine Learning

Our skilled professionals can help you solve existing challenges through the use of AI and ML models, easing your transition into using these technologies to upgrade your business decision-making processes. We can support you in the implementation of AI and ML in your decision-making process.